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History of Medicine Club

Few students of Mymensingh Medical College thought that it is wiser to spread the very little leisure time that a medical student in more academic way than the general student does playing cards or gossiping or involving political parties. So they chalked out a blue print of an academic and non-political organization where medical students of different beliefs could share their knowledge with each other to build a better, stronger & bright future. They launched a meeting in library room of Mymensingh Medical College. That is how Medicine Club started its journey with only 32 members from 31 st January 1981.

Medicine Club was started as an academic organization. But very soon the members of this organization observed that there were many patients in this hospital, who were too poor to buy their necessary drugs, blood, operation instruments for their treatment. Observing there situation Medicine Club executives formed the Patients Welfare Project(PWP) to help those poor patients. This PWP conducts all social welfare activities of this club. This how Medicine Club became an academic cum social organization from 10 January 1984.

Academic activities of Medicine Club limited to the medical students. But social welfare activities of Medicine Club are provided to all. Although officially started in 1984 the social welfare activities started from 1983 and it spread in 1987. In this year Medicine Club started voluntary blood donation program & school health check-up program. Free drug distribution to poor patient also increased.

Medicine Club was confined to Mymensingh Medical College for several years. It was in 1987 when they started to spread their concept to other Medical College. The first attempt took place in Rajshahi Medical College. But they were successful for the first time in Sir-SolimullahMedical College in 1990. Barishal Sher-E-Bangla Medical College unit was the next one to start in 1992. Attempts were also made in Dhaka Medical College & Sylhet M.A.G. Osmani Medical College in 1992. The 1st central conference of Medicine Clubwas held in 1992 at Mymensingh Medical College. Three active units(MMC Unit, SSMC Unit, SBMC Unit) took part in that conference.

SBMC Unit arranged the 2nd central conference in October 1996 at Barishal. The same three units were the participantes. At the end of 1996 some new units were installed. These are RMC Unit, CoMC Unit, & Bangladesh Medical College Unit. The 3rd central conference were arranged by MMC Unit in November 1997. Six units named MMC, SBMC, BMC, CoMC, RMC were present.

Faridpur Medical College was included in Medicine Club family in 1998. At the end of same year Khulna Medical College Unit started thei journey. The 4th central conference was held at April 1999 in Comilla Medical College. The participants were six in number. These were MMC, SBMC, BMC, CoMC, RMC& FMC Units. Dinajpur Medical College Unit was brought into view at August 1999. Rangpur Medical College &Bogra Medical College Unit started in January 2000. In the mean time PDC Unit, GSVMC Unit have started the noble action of Medicine Club. NMC Unit &CoxMC Unit are the latest member of this family.

Medicine Club being born in 1981 is an accomplished organization now. It is prepared now to face the reality of the 21st century.